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Name: MyBlood
Current Version/Last Updated: Version 1.31 , July 24, 2010
Developer/Publisher: Vertical Horizon (
Type: Genealogy Software
iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch Support? No
Price (Upgrade): $59.95 (1.x upgrades are free)

Purchase / Download Options:
* Download:… (Demo allows 15 starts)
* Purchase: – Store (Paypal, etc.)

Developer’s Description:
Yet another family tree software? Yes. Because MyBlood is different. It meets the requirements of the contemporary genealogists, hobbyist and professional alike. It’s bringing together genealogy and the flexibility of the computer in an unprecedented way. With MyBlood you can store a wealth of related data and manage it in an intuitive way. In our vision of genealogy, everything should be related and everyone should be unique. In MyBlood it is.

Software Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.6
Hardware Requirements: Intel or PowerPC running OS X 10.4, 512MB Minimum Memory, 200MB Disk Space, 1024×768 display
GEDCOM Support: Supprts GEDCOM 5.5 and 5.5.1
Web Page/HTML Creation and Support:
Supported Languages: English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish (Others available, there is a translation tool included)

Notes and Features:
* Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 version available
* Accuracy indicator
* Timelines superimposed over ancestors/descendents view
* “Timemaps” showing where people were located (up to 4 generations)
* Google Picasa Support

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Other useful links:
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Current: Version 1.21 , April 11, 2010

Screenshot from MyBlood official site showing media view