Totem Storytelling and Archiving Software

Note: As of March, 2007, their site appears to be offline.

A new product that maybe of interest to genealogists – Totem Storytelling & Archiving Software
from Totem-Software

“Totem transforms a personal computer and an inexpensive web-cam or video camera into an efficient system for conducting interviews and creating multimedia biographies”.

Cost: $60
Requirements : OS X 10.2, USB or Firewire digital video camera or webcam

Official Description:

    “Organizing collected information is simple. Once recorded, video, audio, image and files can be edited and described with keywords making them easy to search and sort. When it comes time to share, entire collections or individual files can be distributed along with Totem’s free media player. Thanks to Totem, creating multimedia biographies and managing large or small-scale documentation projects is now more affordable and easier than ever.”

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