Apple Event: 12pm Central, 10am Pacific

Apple Event - September 9, 2014 Just a reminder – In about 40 minutes, 1pm Easter, 12pm Central, 10am Pacific, Apple will be holding a major event/announcement, expected to focus on the following:

iPhone 6 (including larger screen)
Possible new iPads
iOS 8 (
OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Possible new products (including the fabled iWatch)

You should be able to stream it here: (September 2014 Event)

MacFamilyTree 7.2.1 Released, 50% off Sale

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7.2 was recently released. MacFamilyTree 7.2 is a huge upgrade to the popular OS X genealogy application, which also has an iOS component – MobileFamilyTree, that is able to sync/share genealogy data between Macs and iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones using iCloud. Much of the changes in MacFamilyTree were carried over to MobileFamilyTree as well.

Celebrating the MacFamilyTree 7.2 release, it’s temporarily on sale for $24.99 (USD).

Among the major changes: Reports were completely rewritten, with many new features (and reports) added. The Interactive Tree was improved, including the interface and navigation. FamilySearch Integration was improved/rewritten. In general, MFT’s user interface was refined, aong with improved search functions and better performance.
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ohmiGene 6.10.9 Released (French Only)

ohmiGene 6 ohmiGene 6.10.9 is now available, as of a few weeks ago. It is French-only and is a cross-platform genealogy application (Mac and Windows Vista and above).

ohmiGene 6.10.9 Changes (Google translation)
– Improvement/listing of cousins of a character.
– Lock a cropping option for displaying image.
– New looks for the tree display
– Surname notes/aliases (if there are root characters)
– Parents/grandparents listed in Foyer panel
– Change of a spouse happens on the family/union page
– Minor bug fixes

The “Lite” version of ohmiGene (free) is limited to 509 people. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 (or Windows Vista and above), and a 1280×768 display or larger.


Heredis 2014 – 25% off Through May 25

Heredis 2014 - 25% off Heredis 2014, a popular Mac OS X genealogy application (and it’s cross-platform for Windows, although that is a separate purchase), is currently 25% off through May 25, 2014 through the Mac App Store.

This brings the price down to $44.99, from $59.99.

Heredis is focused on making data entry easier, and is one of the few genealogy programs that allows for easy synchronization of your genealogy data between Mac, PC/Windows, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, using a WiFi connection.

Download/purchase: Heredis 2014 – Mac App Store

The iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) app is free through iTunes: Heredis – (App Store)

ohmiGene 6.09.4 Released (French Only)

ohmiGene 6 ohmiGene 6.09.04 was released last week, and it’s mainly minor bug fixes, and some feature improvements. It is French-only (as of earlier this year) and is a cross-platform genealogy application (Mac and Windows, although Windows XP support is being dropped).

ohmiGene 6.09 Changes (my translation is not perfect)
– Illustrations/photos are shifted properly
– Fixed a problem with date ranges
– Fixed a problem with erasing date-of-death
– Illustrations/photos can be cropped to different dimensions
– Improved websites created with ohmiGene (site logo, favicons)
– Dynamic maps are displayed by default (Google Maps)
– Improved GEDCOM support
– Added options on Character Sheet panel

If the translation is right, it appears the developer will be taking something of a sabatical, working on bugs here and there.

The “Lite” version of ohmiGene (free) is limited to 509 people.

It requires Mac OS X 10.7, and a 1280×768 display or larger.