Update – Minor Utilities

Utility updates that may be of interest to some.
Graphic Converter 5.2.3 – Extensive Updates

Word Translator X – Translation Dictionary Tool (handy for old letters/documents)

Living Time 2.05 – Personal Timelining Software

Graphic Converter Updates

    rename dialog completly redesigned
    replace added to rename
    dds export added
    fits export added
    get and set iptc information by applescript added (lossless (and fast) for JPEG and TIFF)
    browser now can edit iptc of tiffs without complete decoding
    four user-defined crop ratios added
    lossless JP2 export added
    copy file path option added
    function for recreation of EXIF previews added to the context menu of the browser (JPEG submenu)
    tealpaint 6 import added
    droplist access added via applescript
    selected files in browser can be accessed by applescript
    make alias added to browser
    slideshow can play a music file in the background
    JPEG import ignores now corrupted ICC profiles
    lossless rotation notification dialog can be disabled
    storyboard looks now much better on X
    browser refresh improved
    aliases are better visible in the browser
    exif validation improved
    pbm import improved (for Ghostscript pbms)
    divider between text and preview in the browser is moveable
    bad pixels are remembered between program launches
    possible registration key problems on Classic fixed
    move file into folder during slideshow copies the finder comment
    possible drag and drop redraw issues in browsers fixed
    drop area supports resorting and deletion of single entries
    slideshow support in addtion page up/down cursor up/down for navigation
    refresh bug after label change fixed
    insert text batch supports relative size in addition
    select information dialog supports drag&drop
    possible crash upon saving fireviewer pdb (8 bit, without dither) fixed
    scratch folder will be saved correctly on classic
    possible wrong aspect ratio during display of avi movies fixed
    possible dicom import bug fixed
    bug with move folder ins browser fixed
    save bug of JPEGs with JPEG6 lib into Chinese character folders fixed
    possible bug with accepting old/upgrade key on classic fixed
    possible error message during xmp deletion in the browser fixed
    copy/paste bug in iptc dialog on classic fixed
    other bug fixes and enhancements

Word Translator X 5.0b7
Fast and easy to use foreign language dictionaries for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Tagalog, Finnish, Latin, Italian and Dutch.

Dictiionary creation with word list import and easy dictionary maintenance.

Word Translator dictionaries can be accessed directly from within most Macintosh applications via Services.

Living Time

LivingTime is a combination of journal, logbook, calendar, and timeliner. This software combines the modes of writing in a journal or diary, with the more concise item-tracking of a logbook, with the familiar monthly calendar, with the graphical representation of a timeline. Enter your life facts and events–along with any photos or movies to associate with each event–and gain new perspectives on what you’ve experienced and who you are.

Can’t remember exactly how the events in your life unfolded? Where you worked or lived, or the people in your life? Want to scroll down memory lane, or perhaps find patterns in your past? Have all this at your fingertips, with LivingTime. Record it once, and never again struggle to remember.

Why timeline?

    to review and better interpret your past
    to leave a historical account of your life
    to record your child or parent’s life
    for the pleasure of reminiscing
    to record natural cycles from year to year
    to assemble your life’s story
    as a memory aid

Examples of commonly timelined events:

    Medical History
    Personal Growth