Updates: Circus Ponies Notebook, OmniGraffle, Nisus Writer Express

Circus Ponies Notebook has been updated to version 2.0v230. Requires Mac OS X 10.3. Full list of changes at Circus Ponies Notebook site. OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Pro 4.0 have reached beta 4 status. Both require Mac OS X 10.3. Full list of changes at OmniGraffle website. Nisus Writer Express 2.5 … Read more

Discussion of Mac Genealogy Software

From George Lewis: I’ve posted a semi-response to an article titled “The Sad State of Mac Genealogy Software” on RandomGenealogy.org. I thought visitors of MacGenealogy.org might find it interesting, to hear a few peoples’ take on things, and hopefully too many toes weren’t stepped on.

Update: Inkscape 0.42

Inkscape 0.42 has been released. Inkscape is an open source drawing tool with capabilities similar to Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDraw that uses the W3C standard scalable vector graphics format (SVG). Some supported SVG features include basic shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, and grouping. In addition, Inkscape … Read more

Update: Books for Mac OS X 2.2.2

Books for Mac OS X 2.2.2 has been released. It’s an open-source personal library management tool for MacOS X. Note: There is a lot going on with this application, if your curious read the link above (there are betas available with new features). The next major release of Books, 3.0, … Read more

Delkin Announces Archival Gold DVD-R

Delkin announced they now have a DVD-R addition to their Archival Gold media line. These DVDs last upto 100 years. They have other media, including CD-Rs, that last 100-300 years. If you are thinking of long-term storage of genealogy data, photos, etc., this might be just the thing for you. … Read more