Genealogy Printing Service (OnePage Genealogy)

OnePage Genealogy – A genealogy printing service that supports Mac OS X. It is a one-page pedigree chart that is huge – as large as 3½ by 6 feet. Visit the link above, and look at the example, or just look at the photo, and you’ll see how big that is.

I mentioned OS X support, and they have it (not sure what is the minimum version of OS X that can be used). The charts cost $19.95, and it’s a three step process:

    * Create your GEDCOM file (export from your genealogy application)
    * Download the software to create your chart (picking the options listed below)
    * Order your chart online (.PDFs generated by the software are encrypted and password-protected).

Options to customize:

    * Page size (up to 3½ by 6 feet!)
    * Font type and size
    * Number of generations
    * Whether to include your spouse and their pedigree
    * Whether to include your descendants

You can also combine it with a timeline, that displays the following on the chart:

    * Birth dates
    * Marriage dates
    * Death dates

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  1. I emailed the publisher a few days ago, haven’t heard anything back yet.

    This is something I’d really consider using, too.

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