I few weeks ago, I mentioned there was a genealogy application in development that was “flying under the radar” so to speak. It’s called MacPAF, and it’s an open-source project being developed by Logan Allread. MacPAF is a “personal genealogy program for Mac OS X, modelled after a previous version of PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for Macintosh called Family Records”. Among the goals of MacPAF is full GEDCOM support (which the older versions of PAF/Family Records didn’t have), multiple open files/trees, support for multimedia, improved note-taking and source handling, and supported LDS features including LDS ordinance data and TempleReady.’s MacPAF page

You can view a screenshot of an earlier version of MacPAF by clicking on the thumbnail below (the developer is working on cleaning up the interface and will provide more current screenshots when they are available).

I’m sure several of you have come across this in the past. I didn’t realize it was in active development until recently, and it appears to be coming along nicely. For those who are still using Family Records, this might be a good upgrade path for you when it’s released.

3 thoughts on “MacPAF”

  1. Color me surprised. I didn’t realize that anybody cared about PAF for Mac.

    That makes two new genealogy applications for Macs this year (if I’m right), plus big updates to all of the other ones except Reunion.

  2. I’m desperate for a MAC version of the PAF right now. I’ve maxed out the number of entries allowed in the original database and splitting the lines creates a host of problems and duplications.

    Would this new version allow for unlimited entries, or would it allow only the same thirty thousand or so of the original?

  3. I have a very old PAF Family Records 2.1 purchased in 1988 which is run on an old Mac System 7.5. I was hoping to update to my new eMac, but find no software available. Also, don’t know how to get my old stuff off to be used on ANY system. Any help for me?

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