Family Ties (Familienbande) – February 26, 2007

Family Ties Familienbande

A few days ago (February 26, 2007), a new version of Family Ties/Familienbande was released. It’s a free Mac OS X (andMacOS 8.6/9 with Carbon) genealogy application from Stefan Mettenbrink. It is only available in German, but it can be used by non-German speaking genealogists. We’ve provided a page with a list of translated features here. There is apparently an Intel-specific version available if you contact the author (the normal version runs fine on either PowerPC or Intel-based Macs).

The following is a translation of the changes, using Google’s language tools. There maybe inaccuracies.


* Problems with the display of large pictures repaired
* Opening Gedomdateien (?) brings up a reference to the import and offers directly
* Search extended to persons associated with an individual
* Spell checking for remarks, preface, indicator and remarks on source data (only Mac OS X)
* The helper/assistant did not behaved as described in the help.
* Fixed error concerning searching for somebody based on age
* In the encyclopedia there were problems, if one wanted to secure the encyclopedia
* The generational numbering begins now with the master record of zero
* Fixed bug concerning input fields with automatic completion and deletion
* The statistics functions cause of death distribution, and occupation distribution, had a wrong window title
* Extension of the plausibility check
* Problems with the helper/assistant repaired
* Various smaller corrections