Family Ties (Familienbande)

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Family Bonds (Ties) Product Page
Publisher: Stefan Mettenbrink
Type: Mac Genealogy Application
License: Freeware
Last Updated: 17 January 2010
GEDCOM Support: Yes
Languages: German, English

MacOS Requirements: Mac OS X (MacOS 8.x or 9.x maybe possible – this is a CarbonLib application)

Official Description/Features:

– Available for both Mac OS X (Carbon) and Windows (there maybe problems with Windows 98)
— Linux version maybe available in the future
– Can be run off of a CDROM or USB Flash Memory Key without installation
– Handles up to 2,000,000,000 data records
– GEDCOM 5.5 import/export
РUses the Kekul̩ system of numbers, with a maximum of 31 generations
– Different descendant numbers
– FOKO Export (Research Contact Data/Information)
– You can assign as many documents to a person or family tree as you want.
– Multi-coloured indicators
– Detailed Source Information
– Different Statistics and Family Tree Representations
– Flexible Printing of data with labels
– Extensive family, address, locale, and document administration
– Plausibility Check
– Handles double marriage ceremony (i.e. a couple could have both a civil and church marriage)
– Master owner can be changed
– Extensive search capabilities
– References within pictures to individuals
– Flexible exporting
– Flexible organization and automatic generation of website/HTML export
– Various secondary functions – calendar, date computations, etc.

Version History:
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