Family Ties – Familienbande

Familienbande, aka Family Ties or Family Bonds (depending on translation) is a free German-based genealogy application for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems that dates back to at least 2005, and can be run off of a USB flash drive or optical media. Translations for other languages are included (see details below).

It supports the FOKO Research/contact database, up to 31 generations, and includes utilities to check plausibility, date/age calculations, as well as support for image mapping.

Developer/Publisher:Stefan Mettenbrink
Current Version:January 14, 2015
Originally Released:
Price/Upgrade:$0 (English)
Platforms:Mac, Windows, Linux
Requirements:Intel-based Mac
OS X 10.10 Yosemite Support:
Supported Languages:English, German, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish
GEDCOM Support:GEDCOM 5.5 (and 5.5.1)
After import, detailed log of errors is generated.
Unicode GEDCOM (Explanation):Yes
iPhoto / Photos Support:Yes
Web Page/HTML Creation:Yes
Online Services Support:Supports FOKO - Forscher Kontakte (Researcher Contacts) which is a database of names. See for details.
LDS Ordinance Support (Information):Not sure.
Features:Error checking
Built-in software upgrade.
Can be run off of a USB flash drive or CD/DVD
Handles up to 2 billion records
Kekulé number system
Can export research contact information
Several statistics options
Comprehensive family, address, location, and document management
Plausibility check
Handles civil and religious marriages
Image mapping
Templates can be edited
Calendar, age, date calculations
Articles & Reviews:Computer Genealogy Issue #4 2010 (Review)
Other Useful Links:GEKo - GEDCOM Encoding Converter by the Familienbande author. Converts encoding GEDCOM files to a proper format without changing the genealogy data. Handles ASCII, ANSEL, UNICODE, UTF-8.
GenLex - Genealogical Dictionary by the Familienbande author.
Mailing List Archive for Familienbande
Series History:Dates back to at least 2005.
Release History:Older page (2010 and earlier) at
Version history at for details between 2005 - 2010.

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