ohmiGene 1.49.45

ohmiGeneohmiGene 1.49.45 has been released. ohmiGene is a cross-platform commercial genealogy application (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X PowerPC, Mac OS X Intel), and is designed to “respect a GEDCOM file at import (and export).” It allows you to associate an unlimited number of files to the genealogy data in your GEDCOM (notes, text data, sources, pictures, etc.).

It can be downloaded here (ohmi.celeonet.fr)

Changes through 1.49.45:
* Improvement in managing dates, with a powerful and complete management in regards to Baptism,MarriageBurial-BirthMarriageDeath
* One-click access to defined sources (birth certificate …)
* A to-do list: Add information that needs to be researched later.
* Locating places using Google Maps
* Added Fan chart
* Added printing of descendants chart
* Increase in speed of reading in GEDCOM files (especially larger files – by a factor of 100)