MacFamilyTree 5.7.8

I missed this update since it came out after the release of MacFamilyTree 6 and was overshadowed by that, but a few weeks back on August 10, 2010, Synium Software released an update to the MacFamilyTree 5.7 series, updating it to MacFamilyTree 5.7.8.

I’m not sure of where to download this – I discovered it when I opened up my MacFamilyTree 5.7.7 install and it was asking to update automatically. You could probably get the download information from Synium Software’s contact page or just run your auto-update feature within MacFamilyTree.

Changes in 5.7.8
* Many fixes in the Kinship Report
* Fixed an issue migrating older databases
* Smaller user interface fixes
* Improved auto update

I figured the update to 5.7.7 back at the beginning of July was the last 5.7 series update, but I was wrong. They even improved the auto update in 5.7.8 as well as user interface fixes, which could mean future 5.7.x releases for those who haven’t upgraded to MacFamilyTree 6 yet.