MacFamilyTree 7.3.3, MobileFamilyTree 7.3.3 Released

The Mac genealogy program, MacFamilyTree 7, and its companion iOS genealogy app for the iPad/iPhone and iPod touch, MobileFamilyTree, have both been updated to version 7.3.3. This is a minor fix, correcting an issue with uploading persons to FamilySearch. You can update MacFamilyTree through the Apple Mac/App Store (US) or … Read more

Need an Older Version of MacFamilyTree?

I’m in the process of fixing over 350 broken links and over 440 redirects on (11 years worth of articles/links) as a part of the website overhaul/relaunch, and in the process I found that Synium Software still has links to the last major releases of older versions of MacFamilyTree … Read more

MacFamilyTree 7.2.1 Released, 50% off Sale

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7.2 was recently released. MacFamilyTree 7.2 is a huge upgrade to the popular OS X genealogy application, which also has an iOS component – MobileFamilyTree, that is able to sync/share genealogy data between Macs and iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones using iCloud. Much of the changes in MacFamilyTree were carried over to MobileFamilyTree as well.

Celebrating the MacFamilyTree 7.2 release, it’s temporarily on sale for $24.99 (USD).

Among the major changes: Reports were completely rewritten, with many new features (and reports) added. The Interactive Tree was improved, including the interface and navigation. FamilySearch Integration was improved/rewritten. In general, MFT’s user interface was refined, aong with improved search functions and better performance.

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MacFamilyTree 7.0.7 Available, 50% Sale Ends the 11th

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X Reminder: The upgrade pricing of $29.99 applies through tomorrow, August 11, 2013, and I’m not sure when it ends exactly on the 11th.

The demo is available through the Synium Software website or you can purchase it here: MacFamilyTree 7 (Mac App Store)). You can only purchase the full version through the Mac App Store. Note: I know there was a little controversy over it only being available through the Mac App Store, however those of you using it with iCloud Saves have probably seen how well it works as far as using it on multiple devices – I have used it this past week between an iPad, iPhone, and two Macs, and it’s worked well. Availability through the App Store is the price you pay for using iCloud to keep your data synced between all your Macs and mobile devices.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.7
– Performance of the edit sections improved
– Sources are now handled correctly when exporting a partial family tree
– Sources are now sorted correctly in the edit source section
– FamilySearch matching improved
– Several crash issues fixed when working with FamilySearch
– Polish, Danish and Spanish localization improved
– Improved user guide

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MacFamilyTree 7.0.3

Earlier today, MacFamilyTree 7.0.3 was released. You can launch the Mac App Store application and update from within there, or through the MacFamilyTree 7 app itself (click on the MacFamilyTree menu, then Check for Updates…). This is a recommended update for everybody, especially those using FamilySearch, and/or who have larger … Read more

MacFamilyTree 7.0.2

MacFamilyTree 7.0.2 was made available a few days ago. It’s available through the Mac App Store update feature or from within the App itself (click on the MacFamilyTree menu, select Check for Updates…). This update to MacFamilyTree 7 is focused on improvements and bug fixes, with the addition of LDS … Read more