ohmiGene 4.25

ohmiGene 4.25 has been released.

ohmiGene is a Mac OS X (and Windows) genealogy application that I, unfortunately, do not follow as much as I should. I’ll be changing that in the next week or two, with a lot more information about it (in light of my upcoming Family Tree Maker review). ohmiGene has developed over time into a good genealogy application.

So what’s new in regards to ohmiGene 4.25? Officially, it’s “Correction of some bugs and several features requested”, but there is more to it than that. Keep in mind that some of this is based on Google translate, and so some things maybe lost in translation.

* Automate calculating the number of descendants, excluding spouses
* Confirmation when replacing cities/locations
* Bug fixes related to HTML/Website creation
* Improvements related to HTML/Website creation
* UI changes/improvements
* Descendant Chart fixes
* Increase in limit on descendant charts/generations
* Bug fixed with ‘Ancestry notebook’
* Certify the deaths of a list of individuals
* Bug fixed with printing PDF (involving fonts)

Changes with ohmiGene 4.23
* Added feature to allow image mapping, such as links to people who are present in a photograph
* Listing of individuals with certain notes or text containing a given expression
* Bug fix related to displaying the name of a country by default

Link/Download: Ohmi.Celeonet.ft (English index)

If you are an existing user of ohmiGene, you can automatically update through ohmiGene itself.