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Mac Genealogy Note: ohmiGene hasn’t been covered extensively at MacGenealogy.org because most of it is in French, and the translations aren’t too good using Google Translate, but I will be covering it more in the future.

Name: ohmiGene
Current Version: ohmiGene 5.24.4 (Lite/PowerPC 5.06)
Last Updated: 3 April 2012
Developer/Publisher: Thierry Nauze
Type: Mac Genealogy Application
Requires: Mac OS X (10.4 or newer) or Windows (XP or newer)

Purchase / Download Options:
Note: There are two versions, a Plus and a Lite version. The Lite version is limited to 509 persons, and all documents and PDF files created from within ohmiGene Lite are watermarked. Also, the Lite version is usually a version or two behind the Plus version.
Price (New): $40 USD (Purchase here)
Demo/Free: ohmiGene Lite

iPad Version
Note: Syncs through iTunes with the Mac version of ohmiGene Plus
United States: ohmiGene – Thierry NAUZE – $14.99 (no longer in App Store)
France: ohmiGene – Thierry NAUZE – 11,99 € (no longer in App Store)
Spain (Spanish): ohmiGene – Thierry NAUZE – 11,99 € (no longer in App Store)

Mac OS X Lion Support: Yes
Software Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.7 or Windows XP, Vista and 7
Hardware Requirements: PowerPC or Intel Mac, or PC (Windows)
Older Macs: PowerPC supported, ohmiGene 5.06
GEDCOM Support: Yes (designed for GEDCOM work)
Unicode GEDCOM Support: Yes, UTF-8 (Unicode GEDCOMs and Mac Genealogy Software page).
LDS Ordinance Support: Possibly
Web Page/HTML Creation and Support: Yes
Supported Languages: English, French (help only in French)

Developer’s Description
“ohmiGene is a software which respects a GEDCOM file at import (and export). It is very rare!”
* Possibility of exporting into a booklet (PDF) .
* Possibility of exporting a list of ancestors with sources, notes and occupations (TXT or RTF)
* Possibility of exporting a list in a web site .
* Possibility of correcting the orientation of the photographs.
* Possibility of seeking individuals according to the cause of the death.

– ohmiGene works within the folder it is installed to. This makes it easy to transport (USB flash drives, ZIP/DMG files) and you can have all three versions – Mac OS X PowerPC, Mac OS X Intel, and Windows, in one folder.
– Supports Unicode/UTF-8, which means names and locations with Unicode characters such as Cyrillic or other non-Latin languages can be used.
– “high-quality” PDF reports
– Handles male-male or female-female unions

– The Help Functions within ohmiGene are exclusively in French

Other Useful Links
FAQ – ohmiGene (French)

Release History
ohmiGene 5.24.4 (3 April 2012)
– ohmiGene 5.10 (February 2012)
– ohmiGeneLITE 5.06.0 – bug fixes, a few new features
ohmiGene 4.25


Main View:
Mac Genealogy Software - ohmiGene 5 Main

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Ancestor View:
Mac Genealogy Software - ohmiGene 5 Ancestry

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