MacFamilyTree 6.2.10

MacFamilyTree, Synium Software’s Mac OS X genealogy application, has received a fairly substantial update, with the release of MacFamilyTree 6.2.10. While it’s mostly fixes, the GEDCOM importer was improved, as was the Fan Chart configuration. MacFamilyTree 6.2.10 Changes * More Fan Chart configuration options added * Database Maintenance improved * … Read more – Forums, Anonymous Comments

Anonymous Comments You no longer have to have an account here or be logged in to post comments. They may not show up immediately, to keep the spammers out, but legitimate comments will show up without the need for an account. Privacy We won’t share your email address with anybody. … Read more

Heredis for iOS – Calling for Volunteer Beta Testers

A few weeks ago I mentioned some new details and screenshots about the upcoming Heredis for Mac. Sometime this month they should be going into beta testing of the new Heredis. What I did not realize, was that they were also moving into iOS genealogy apps with new Heredis. This … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.2.9

Synium Software has updated MacFamilyTree to version 6.2.9. MacFamilyTree 6 is a Mac OS X genealogy application, which also syncs up with MobileFamilyTree Pro on iOS devices. From what I can see, it’s just one bug fix: “Fixed a bug preventing images to show up correctly.” Current MacFamilyTree 6.x users … Read more

ohmiGene Lite 5.24.4

There is a new version of ohmiGene Lite that has been released. ohmiGene Lite is a commercial genealogy application. The previous version of ohmiGene Lite that I had was 5.10.1. There have been some interim releases that were not officially released in the 5.10.x series, and the public release was … Read more