MacUser Magazine Closing After 30 Years

MacUser Magazine MacUser magazine will be shutting down as the February 2015 issue is released. It was started in the UK in 1985 by Felix Dennis (who passed away last year), and was a magazine that I enjoyed, at least the UK version, as it had quite a few articles about using Photoshop, retouching photos, etc.

If you’ve seen the mouse-style ratings used in Macworld, well those were licensed from MacUser.

If you are wondering about whether this is the same as the US version of MacUser, it’s not – that publication ceased in 1997 (after a 12-year run), and was merged with Macworld.

Dennis Publishing released a statement that included the following:

The decision to cease publication of MacUser was very tough and one that was not taken lightly. Unfortunately, due to challenging market conditions, the closure was unavoidable.

1 thought on “MacUser Magazine Closing After 30 Years”

  1. Can’t have been that tough a decision if it was unavoidable! MacUser was easily the best Mac mag taking a serious and in-depth attitude in all their writings. It is a great shame. My subscription has been moved to MacFormat which is nowhere near as good. I certainly feel rather lost without MacUser.

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