Genealogical Computing Magazine and Reunion

Over on ReunionTalk, it was noted by Pete Cook and others that the latest issue of Genealogical Computing Magazine has incorrect and/or older information listed concerning Reunion (in regards to its performance capabilities concerning records and genealogy data).

Genealogical Computing Magazine is a product of, and appears to be on its way out – they aren’t taking anymore subscriptions, no single issues are available to non-subscribers, and only currently subscribers have access. I have not seen the latest issue, but it would not surprise me that they are using older data if the magazine is about to fold.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everybody – things are going to be quiet over the next week – I’ve got a new project I’m working on with a couple of people, and hopefully within a few weeks it will be ready to launch. It’s not a genealogy application (or any kind of application for that matter), but a site that will contribute to genealogy research, and will include Mac users as well (that’s the part I handle). It’s going to be unique, but I can’t say anything else at this time. I also have three reviews of genealogy applications that have been submitted by MG readers that I’m going to format and place online.

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