New iPod nano – 1GB

By now, you may have heard about the new iPod nano that came out to day – it has a capacity of 1GB and retails for $149. Yes, it holds 240 songs, but that’s not the selling point for a genealogist – the selling point is that this one holds up to 15,000 photos (and it can display them on the built-in color display – not a big deal, or on a TV screen, which is a big deal). It pulls the photos through iTunes/iPhoto (and it can provide a musical soundtrack to any photo slideshows you may put on).

GedWise 6.3.3 (Mac OS X Installation)

GedWise, a Palm OS-based genealogy application from Battery Park Software has been updated for Mac OS X to version 6.3.3 (beta).

The update can be downloaded here –

GedWise is one of only a few PDA-based genealogy applications with Mac OS X installation support.

* Improved: user now allowed to select destination of GedWise database if Hotsync manager not present.
* Improved: better error handling.
* Fixed: 5-way navigation buttons now work properly in the Detail View windows.

GedWise 6.3.2 (for Mac OS X)

From Battery Park Software has updated their Mac OS X installer for GedWise, their PalmOS-based genealogy application. This brings GedWise for Mac OS X up to version 6.3.2. This update “added compatibility for GEDCOM’s created on different computer system that use various end-of-line terminators.”


We’ve setup a new genealogy software site : Mobile Genealogy Software for PDAs – Palm OS, Pocket PC, even Psion, Qtopia, and Newton. This is one of those areas that I’m very interested in, that there really didn’t exist a central location for information (much like Of course, … Read more