MacFamilyTree 6.2 and 6.2.1 Released

Genealogy Software for Mac OS X MacFamilyTree 6.2 (actually 6.2.1 was released today) was released earlier this week, and it’s a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy application.

Changes and Improvements for MacFamilyTree 6.2:
* For the first time, a new Tree Chart brings the capability to display all members of a family in one chart. Even large families can be displayed completely
* Completely configurable Source Report provides a detailed overview of all sources in you database. Sources can now be bookmarked as well
* To Do Report with a convenient overview of all to dos
* Configurable Ahnentafel Report provides an overview of all descendants sorted by generation and lists the relating events from the Narrative Report
* Entertaining Family Quiz tests and trains your knowledge about your family tree
* Title and Date header can now be added above all charts
* Improved lay out and text formatting of Narrative Report and Kinship Report
* Images can now be displayed in the List of Persons and in the Kinship Report
* Options for colors and lay out of the Hourglass Chart are now also available in the Person and Family Group Report
* The county of a place can now be added into a separate county input field
* Improved GEDCOM compatibility with other genealogy applications
* Improved GEDCOM export of images
* Improved sorting of Family Events

Changes in 6.2.1
* Crash fixed in database migration
* Smaller user interface improvements

I’m looking forward to trying out the new “To Do” improvements as well as the tree chart that displays all members of a family, as I have some very large families.

Note: The sale below is over
It is on sale through the holidays (at least Christmas) for $29.99 through Apple’s
Mac App Store.

Update: MacFamilyTree 8 – Synium Software GmbH is currently only available as a new purchase.

It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

1 thought on “MacFamilyTree 6.2 and 6.2.1 Released”

  1. Hello,
    I am very angry with Synium at the moment because of the above mentioned updates. On Wednesday 14 December I updated my MacFamilyTree software with 6.2 as recommended in software updates on my Mac (running OSX Lion). Prior to updating I was not having any trouble with MacFamilyTree; I did not ask for the update; I did not require the update. After I updated, the program crashed. I contacted them, sent my crash log; they did nothing. This morning I updated with the 6.2.1 update which is supposed to fix the crash; it didn’t. Again I have sent them the crash report. So now I have software on my computer that is unusable (by the way I paid full price for it through their website). I have lost my entire family tree on my Mac, although I have backups on my iPad and iPhone which were not fully current. I don’t know what to do. Thanks for letting me vent. Sign me, Synium Hater.

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