March 2012: GedScape Review
Name: GedScape
Current Version: GedScape 2.6.02
Last Updated: January 2012
Developer/Publisher: Tenset Technologies Ltd
Type: Mac OS X Genealogy Utility – GEDCOM and Web
Requires: Mac OS X 10.5, Intel

Purchase / Download Options:
Price (New): $39 (Download, 1 year of support/updates)
Price (New): $64 (Download, 3 years of support/updates)
Price (Upgrade): $25 (Download, 1 year of support/updates)
Price (Upgrade): $50 (Download, 3 years of support/updates)
Demo/Free: 30-Day Free Trial

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch Mobile Version? No

Mac OS X Lion Support: Compatible
Software Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5
Hardware Requirements: Intel Macs
Older Macs: No, Mac OS X 10.5 or later
GEDCOM Support: Yes
GEDCOM 5.5.1 Support: Yes
Unicode GEDCOM Support: Yes (UTF-8, UTF-16) plus ANSEL and others
LDS Ordinance Support: Yes, LDS Specific Features (as part of a GEDCOM file) – see the LDS Support GedScape page
Web Page/HTML Creation and Support: Yes
Supported Languages: English

Developer’s Description
GedScape is a Windows and Mac program for browsing, manipulating, converting and extracting data from GEDCOM files. It is the ideal GEDCOM viewer and converter, an essential tool for genealogists.

– Exports a GEDCOM file into a fully-fledged website or a text file
– Is cross-platform, for both Mac OS X and Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
– Generates customizable indexes from a GEDCOM based on Surname, Place of birth or marriage, and data of birth, marriage, or death.
– Can generate many different types of charts and reports
– Can view raw GEDCOM data while allowing you to easily navigate between the linked entries.

– – GedScape Review – March 2012

Other Useful Links
GedScape User Guide for Macs
GedScape Sample Website

Release History
GedScape 2.6.02 – 5 January 2012
– Fixes a problem with printing in the 2.6.01 release that caused blank pages to be printed on some systems
GedScape 2.6.01 – December 2011
– Improved handling of non-GEDCOM compliant dates
– New web export option to include user-specified file after the h1 tag on every non-index page
– New general style option to centre the output in a block of chosen width as opposed to full page width
– Minor changes to some default settings
GedScape 2.5.01 – February 2011
– Mac version
– Supports drag+drop: you can drag a .ged file from the Finder onto open GedScape window and have it display that GEDCOM

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