Mac Genealogy Utilities

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GedScape 2.6.02
Last Updated: January 2012
Requires: Mac OS X 10.5
Free/Commercial? Commercial
GedScape is a GEDCOM utility that allows you to browse and manipulate GEDCOM files, generate web sites.

Mac Genealogy-Related Utilities Available in the Apple Mac App Store
* Date Calculator – RSAC Software – Date Utility for Genealogists (Update: No longer available)
* MemoryMiner – John Fox (Photo Annotation, connects photos and people)(Update: No longer available)

Other Utilities
* Conversion of Unicode GEDCOM Files on a Mac

Older Mac OS X Genealogy Utilities (May not run on Intel Macs)
* Pedigree-Draw 6.0
* Gedcom2Geneweb
* Reunion2iCal
* Bygones
* Cousin Calculator
* FileMaker Databases
* My Roots (Palm OS)