Apple iWork 09 9.0.4 Update – Adds ePub Support

While I’ve recommended Apple’s productivity suite, iWork to to plenty of people doing family newsletters or related documents, I normally don’t mention it here except in passing, but iWork 09 9.0.4 fixes some issues in all three apps – Keynote, … Continue reading

Birthdaybook 3.4

Birthdaybook, the Applescript application that collects and reminds you of upcoming birthdays, has been updated (version 3.4), to correct some errors from the migration to a Universal Binary. It integrates with Address Book and iCal, and can generate lists to be printed out as well.

You can download it here

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Records Manager 2.9.2

John Woodward has updated Records Manager extensively since we last mentioned it. Records Manager is MacOS X software that allows you to collect important records (such as bank statements or receipts) in a database and allow for easy addition of new records, easy access to existing records, and optional automatic backup of the database. Think of it as a replacement for a file cabinet but with easier filing and retrieval. You can optionally encrypt your records with 128-bit AES encryption to keep them secure. It costs $24 and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8.

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