GEDitCOM II 1.7 Build 2

This week, GEDitCOM II was upgraded to GEDitCOM II version 1.7, Build 2 (14 March 2012). This is another major update to GEDitCOM II that follows Version 1.7 (released at the start of last month), and the developer notes:

Whenever a new version comes out (such as Version 1.7) some features do not make it or some great ideas arise due to user feedback on using that version. Sometimes urgent bug fixes or needed. Fortunately, no serious bugs are know in version 1.7, but some good ideas came in and this upgrade responds to some of them.

I’m going to list highlights of the changes, but if you want to read the full release notes, please see the GEDitCOM II Release Notes (

Changes and Updates in GEDitCOM II Version 1.7 Build 2
Two new scripts for mapping are included
1) “Places in This File” – will generate a map with pins for all of the places listed in place records that have a known bounding box. Can be the entire world or select continents.
2) “Events Places for Windows Records” – will draw a map with pins for all events that occurred at an address or place with known latitude and longitude. CAn be for: an individual, a family and its individuals, or all individual and family records listed in the current front window.

As noted, for the mapping feature to work fully, you need to have latitude and longitude coordinates for places and events. In Version 1.7 Build 2, you can now attach latitude and longitude to any address in your genealogy file.

A “Visit” event has been added to individuals and families that can map travels.

The Place Advisor coverage now covers the entire world down to, and including, the city, town, and village level.

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Mac Genealogy Software Recommendations

[wpfmb type=’warning’ theme=2]The information below is nearly three years out of date (as of February 2015), and a new article/guide will be posted shortly.[/wpfmb]

There is an article over at Genealogy Tools, What Genealogy Software Do We Recommend? that you should check out if you get a chance.

What Mac Genealogy Software Do I Recommend?
For years, when people have asked me, I inevitably send them links to the major Mac genealogy software developers and tell them to download the demos and try each of them out. With the exception of Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, all of the actively developed Mac genealogy apps have demos that you can download and try out. Some are even free.

I’m not avoiding the issue. It’s just that because genealogy software is something that you will be spending so much time with, I think it’s something where you should be willing to download several of the applications and try them out for a day or two, or even three. For an application that you will probably be using for many months, if not years ahead, it’s worth putting the time into finding the one that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable with. Different people have different needs and tastes, as well as requirements.

I could fill this post up with all kinds of stats and charts, and maybe I’ll do one of those in the future, but for now I’ll try and make recommendations based on very specific circumstances, and I will include links to the websites where you can download demos or even the full Mac genealogy applications. I’m only going to discuss actively develop Mac genealogy apps that are available right now and that have been updated one way or another (such as Reunion for iPad/iPhone). That leaves Heredis Mac X.2 out as it’s successor is still in development and there are no demos available. I’m also leaving out MyBlood and Osk as there have been no signs of active development for those two since 2009-2010.

I’m going to list them all, and then group some of them by categories.

Full List – Alphabetical Order (Last updated)
Familienbande / Family Ties – Free, (Jan 2012)
Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 – Commercial, No demo, (Jan 2012)
GEDitCOM II – Commercial, Free “Reader Mode” (Feb 2012)
GenealogyJ – Free, Java, Open Source, (beta 2012)
Gramps – Free (Oct 2011)
iFamily for Leopard – Commercial, 16-day Demo (can’t export GEDCOM) (Jan 2012)
MacFamilyTree 6 – Commercial, Demo (can’t save/export) (Feb 2012)
ohmiGene – Commercial, Demo (Watermarked, limit 509 people) (Jan 2012)
PAW2U (PAWriter II) – Free (Sep 2011)
Reunion 9 Commercial, Demo (50 people, import/export disabled, etc.) (Aug 2010)
The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding v9 Commercial, Online Demo (Feb 2012)

Special Interests
Mac Genealogy Software – Unicode, UTF-8, and GEDCOMs
Mac Genealogy Software that supports LDS/TempleReady options

Free and/or Open Source
On the open source side of things, Genealogy J and Gramps are the two apps you want. PAW2U is probably the best of the free genealogy software, but Familienbande (Family Ties) looks to be pretty solid as well.

What if you liked Personal Ancestral File?
PAW2U is going to be your best bet. The developer of PAW2U considers it to be a spiritual successor to PAF, and I tend to agree. He very much looks to what people liked or were used to with PAF.

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GEDitCOM II 1.7 Build 2has been released, and like GEDitCOM II 1.6, it is a very massive update. GEDitCOM II is a commercial Mac OS X genealogy application that allows you to customize the application itself. The trial version can be used as a GEDCOM reader. Among the changes, “Place … Read more

GEDitCOM II 1.6 and Mac OS X Lion

If you are a GEDitCOM II user, you may have had a minor issue with Mac OS X Lion and GEDitCOM II, specifically the Media Browser. GEDitCOM II itself is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, but there is an issue with the framework used for the Media Browser, and … Read more


GEDitCOM II 1.6 has been released and it is a massive update.

Among the changes – an upgrade to the GEDitCOM Editor, which is part of an effort to make it an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for genealogy interfaces and scripts. This was a major undertaking.

There was an enhancement to family trees and the data display and customization, a new memo/note feature which allows you to attach a quick note to any field, along with many more changes.

Changes and Updates in GEDitCOM II 1.6
* Tree charts were upgraded to be more powerful and have more customization:

    o The boxes that display each individual now dynamically adjust in height to accomodate the text for each person. This change fixes the previous overflow of long text that did not fit in a box with the specified width. It also provides more compact trees because those with little information can optionally display in smaller boxes.
    o Trees have some new preferences to set line styles and colors for the lines around boxes and between boxes and a new preference to select to preferred height for portraits in boxes.
    o Trees used to always be centered; now the alignment uses the alignment setting for each column in the outline view. A new preferences sets the alignment for the name.
    o Tree boxes for those with unknown sex are now filled with a gradient of colors between male and female fill colors.
    o The rulers were improved to align better with cells in horizontal trees.

* A new “Memo” feature lets you add a short note to any text editing field:

    o To add a memo, click in a field and use “Tree?Attach?Memo…” command (or control click on field and choose “Attach/Edit Memo.”)
    o A field with a memo while show a pencil icon that a memo is available and you can hover the mouse over the field to see the memo in a pop-up window.

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GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2

GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2 is now available from

This is a massive update. In addition to some bug fixes, it’s centered around one major new feature. It’s a format that is being called the “Address Book” format, and GEDitCOM II 1.5 Build 2 is required to use this format. In order for the new format to work, new features were added to GEDitCOM. You can down load the new format at

The “Address Book” is not just something that tracks somebody’s name and other information. It literally adds in a format to add and edit events centered around specific residences. This extends to adding and editing information on multimedia objects that are tied to a residence. You can also search for, and find, all individuals that lived at a specific residence, or have a specific residence tied to them.

For a full list, see the Changes below.


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